About BarFactory

BarFactory is a website dedicated to the Bar and Nightclub scene.  Whether you’re visiting a new city and want to find a place to go or just looking for the hottest events or hotspots to visit in your local area, BarFactory can help.

How can BarFactory help me?

With thousands of verified Bars and Nightclubs in our directory, you can easily search for hotspots and find out all the related information about the establishment.  This will allow you to determine if this is the right place for you.  If you know of any Bars that are not in our directory, you can easily add them to our system and we will contact them to get their details up on our site.

How can I sign up?

Just register a free account on BarFactory.  As a club goer, you can now access all of the areas of our site which allow you to search for Bars, write reviews, sign up for events and much more.
If you are a Bar or Nightclub owner, follow the same steps as above, but then visit our online store to sign up for a Bar Membership.  This will provide complete access to update all information listed on Barfactory about your establishment.  You will also be eligible to save money on all products in our online store.  Sign up today and start reaching thousands of new customers in your area.