Block Island

My wife's company held their annual summer outing on Block Island.  Lynne and I had never been.  Some notes and observations of our weekend     - Take the slow ferry... Unless you're in a medical emergency, take the slow boat out of Point Judith.  55 minutes of something you don't get to do everyday.     - Monica's taxi tour; worth it for $75 plus tip.  Lasted 1.5 hours.   Fourth or fifth generation islander. Monica Shea- Hull; a spit fire, living legend, she'll be missed when she's gone.     - Finns seafood.  On the Old Harbor. Allegedly freshest seafood on the Island.  Lobster roll was great.  Lynne's lobster club looked very good. Cold beer.   - Oars restaurant up in New Harbor: nice bar inside.  Fish taco's blackened were delicious.  Outside there is corn hole and picknick tables with umbrellas.  You get a nice cross breeze outside...
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It's official.....America is on its way to being great again. I know a lot of people are not in support of Mr Trump, but you do have to commend the fact that he is sticking to his guns and focusing on cleaning up the "Politics as Usual" mentality in Washington. Nobody is going to say everything the right way and a lot of times I'm even shrugging at some of the remarks made by our new president, but if he truly is focused on the american people, why is there so much resistance?   I'm in support of change and hope most people can give it some time before slamming him.          
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Superbowl Commercials

I hope the Superbowl can bring back the high level of commercials we were once used to.  In the past I can remember watching the game with people that really weren't into Football, and the one thing they really enjoyed was the commercials.   We would have divided into 2 groups.  Those that would take off to hit the bathroom and grab fresh beers during commercial breaks, and those who would quiet everyone down because it was all they wanted to see. Here are a few classics from the past:        
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